Complete relaxation for your mind, body & soul

Wave of Relaxation Massage

Completely relax the mind, body and soul with this ultimate relaxation aromatherapy inspired massage, designed to create a calm, tranquil state while soothing muscles and stimulating circulation to restore complete balance and harmony within the body.

60 mins – $125.00 | 75 mins – $140.00 | 90 mins – $155.00

Remedial Massage

A therapeutic massage to specifically target those troubled areas of the body to help ease muscular aches and pain.

60 mins – $135.00 | 75 mins – $150.00 | 90 mins – $165.00

Pregnancy Massage (must be past first trimester)

A beautiful nurturing treat for the mum to be. A deeply relaxing Pregnancy Massage to nourish the skin, reduce fluid retention and restore balance.

60 mins – $135.00

Hot Stone Massage

Smooth, warm volcanic stones and hands combine to melt away tension and instill a deep sense of relaxation. Complete bliss!

90 mins – $195.00